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@pzmyers hits it so far out of the ball park in Why I am an amoral, family-hating monster…and Newt Gingrich isn’t, it isn’t even funny:

If we strip marriage of the asymmetry of power, as we must if we allow men to marry men and women to marry women, then we also strip away the man and wife, dominant and submissive, owner and owned, master and servant relationship that characterizes the conservative view of marriage. This is what they want to preserve, and this is what they are talking about when people like Gingrich echo those tired phrases about “Judeo-Christian values” and complain that their “civilization is under attack”. And it is, when we challenge their right to treat one partner, so-called, as chattel.

Dangit, that ball cleared the fucking stadium.

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Unionize Everybody! Health and benefits improve for everyone. In the midst of the batshit crazy GOP efforts — on both state and federal levels — to kill just about everything the government does, except when it involves huge corporations and tax breaks for the wealthy of course — we need to remember the huge cost, not only to human lives, but also the bottom dollar (we get back money that is invested in reeducation and other poverty-alleviation measures, but that never gets calculated in slashonomics): The Human Cost of Slashonomics. More: Reliably, Irredeemably Wrong: The US Chamber of Commerce.

China Tightens Censorship of Electronic Communications. Not good news. But the little devil in me wonders how well they’d do at censoring video relay convos that use just sign language 😀

We didn’t stop the Comcast/NBC merger but let’s see if we can stop this one. Do we really want to wind up with one giant corporation in the world owning all of it? AT&T + T-Mobile = Train Wreck. Also, AT&T + T-Mobile: The Return of Ma Bell. And take a look here: T&T Takes America Back to the Future.

Huh. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. 50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos.

A copy of this should be passed out to every small business, particularly those who whinge about how expensive and impractical it all is, and those people should just fucking stay home and not bother the small business owner… How ADA Changes Impact Small Businesses.

Huh. Looks like all that came right back to bite him on the ass: Unmarried Pastor, Seeking a Job, Sees Bias. Reason #8564839 umpety billion to just let go of anti gay hate in the churches, already.

Interesting outline of how women — and corporations — have worked for equality (the right to be considered a “person”). The corporations appear to have had more success… Chapter Two: The Corporate Conquest of America.

Show Us The Health Care: Dems To GOP: Show Us Your Health Insurance.

Counting the cost. Of course, the cost is counted in property loss and such — not the loss of human life. How warped. That’s why the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami doesn’t appear on this, even though it probably has the highest death toll.

Huh. Yet another reason to move to Canada? Religion may become extinct in nine nations, study says. PZ Meyer’s take on the study: Imagine a perfectly spherical sacred cow…

A good summary of checks and balances in a democracy that are taking place in Wisconsin to stop “Governor Mubarak” from destroying the state. Too much. A sleeping giant awakes in Wisconsin.

An excellent overview of Libya’s NFZ: “I celebrate this uncertainty”. I am ambivalent about the NFZ itself, primarily because I do not trust my own country (nor other Western countries for that matter) to try and take advantage of the situation in Libya beyond a “simple” NFZ. However, I strongly wish to support the Libyan people in their quest to reclaim and recover their country. One huge problem I have with all this was the argument that “Libyan people are suffering under a dictator.” Yes, yes they are. But you know what? I can think of another set of people who get bombed, corralled into one place, prevented from building or salvaging anything of their own, and there has never been a suggestion of a NFZ coming to their aid. Who am I thinking of? The Palestine people. Why do we agree to a NFZ for Libyans under stated reasons that equally apply to Palestine? And the answer to that question is why I am so ambivalent about the Libyan NFZ. There is also some blowback within Congress over procedural details (Irritated Congressmen Lash Out at Obama Over Libya):

As a presidential candidate in 2007, Obama said, “the President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” A liberal congressman pointed to that statement during a conference call with colleagues, saying “I agree with candidate Obama.”

Though I must say that Clinton, Bush I, and Bush II all flouted this as well — perhaps we simply expected more of Obama?

Also, here’s a good overview of the Libyan situation (link is pdf file): Libya’s Reformist Revolutionaries.

Remember also that this huge expenditure and investment per plant is part of the reason why Tepco has tried so hard in Japan to salvage the plant rather than apply the Chernobyl Solution. Money is driving this quest, not safety of the people near the plant nor of the wider region. Our nuclear future. Somewhat related is this tongue in cheek story: SoCal Windspill Sparks Huge Solar Radiation Leaks. Also, while Alexis Madrigal compiled a horrendous list of the cost of fossil based energy production: 25 Other Energy Disasters From the Last Year, one thing to note is that the disasters remain pretty local (although some of the effects, such as on the local ecology (see the West Virginia protests) are arguably devastating in the long term) — and don’t drift hundreds of miles about to invisibly poison people and the food supply. Even so, most energy production comes with a huge cost. This is not to diminish the cost of nuclear energy, but to try and gain a perspective on the overall global effect of our demand for energy.

I’ve probably posted this before, but it’s worth a rerun: Infographic: Tax Breaks vs. Budget Cuts.

Costs of war beyond the obvious: It’s The Cameras. Body Bagger in Iraq.

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