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Everyone’s following the events in Japan, I believe, not too much need for me to go into detail as the news is quite rapid and updating quickly. Some good live update sites can be found at:
Al Jazeera: Japan’s nuclear emergency: Live blog
Reuters: Japan earthquake LIVE
BBC: Live

and of course, you can follow this on Twitter, using #Fukushima, #tsunami, #japan, #nuclear, etc.

This is a very informative video — and the calm just before the big one (around 1:17) is just disturbing:

[Audio: Music: Captions: not needed]

And related (I happened on these two items independently, within minutes of each other 🙁 )
Is Japan’s quake part of a cluster?

And while I encourage you to donate (rather than pray) to Japan, keep this in mind: Stop the Delay on Donations to Japan.

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