Egypt’s Bastille Day

Meanwhile things have been far from quiet in Egypt, if you’ve been paying attention. Last night, protesters stormed Mahabis Namn El Dawla, the headquarters of Egyptian’s secret police.

@carwinb and @exiledsurfer have all the goods here: 2011-03-05 BASTILLEDAY in #Egypt, Egyptians Storm Secret Service, US Secretary of Defense, Gates En Route; #Amndawala Leaks launches on Facebook., by which I mean, everything. There’s photos, videoclips, and tweets all made while the building was being overtaken and secured. Not only that, but advice pouring in, especially on how to salvage shredded files. If you haven’t yet seen why twitter is one of the best ways to keep up with these events, this article should convince you. The Facebook link is here, although it is in Arabic, they will probably crowdsource translations soon.

BBC has a decent writeup here: Egypt: Protesters raid on Cairo state security HQ.

But let me draw your attention to this: If you thought Wikileaks was important wait untill the Egyptians start uploading what they found tonight.

That’s right. Upload all those files found — including on U.S.’s rendition program — and let the world see them. No wonder Gates is en route to Egypt — did you spot that tidbit? — to try and do some damage control. My hat is off to the Egyptians. They have stopped the program of rendition and torture in their country when the U.S. government would not, and the U.S. people did not. And I am utterly unsurprised that the plan is to upload the infomation from the files into Egypt’s own Leaks program.

That genie’s way out of the bottle.

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