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You know, in the U.S. the revolution would be fucking overlooked: Poll: Barely Half Of Americans Know Health Care Law Hasn’t Been Repealed.

The crazy on unions just keeps piling up:

And yet… Poll: Americans favor union bargaining rights. Plus, the consequences of union-busting: Say Your Goodbyes.

And sometimes, in the middle of all this rhetoric about unions and what they are or aren’t, it pays to step back and look at the people: Mom.

I kind of hesitate to compare Egypt and Wisconsin too much (after all, there’s no tear gas or guns involved), but these articles remind me a lot of what we saw coming out of Tahrir Square in the days leading up to Feb 11th: The Incredible Ecosystem of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Also, Activists Occupy GOP Headquarters in Madison.

I’m sorry. BOO FUCKING HOO. Oh, I feel better, thanks. Weiner Offends The GOP On House Floor: You’re All ‘Owned’ By The ‘Insurance Industry’!.

In the realm of the utterly bizarre: One More Elite Institution Goes Batty. I mean, this is Chrichton book material stuff o.O

And more violence fuckery: Secret Service interviews Georgia constituent who asked who will `shoot’ Obama; case is `closed matter’. Thing is Broun didn’t condemn the guy who asked this, He Laughed … More on Broun: Broun’s Vitriol Spawns Hate As Constituent Asks Congressman, ‘Who’s Going To Shoot President Obama?’

This goes back to my earlier arguments that social media is what you make of it. And of course it can be used both ways: How to Use Facebook if You Are a Repressive Regime.

Women’s rights continue under attack:

Some DOMA fallout:

Yeah, this doesn’t surprise me either. A willingness to think and examine various assumptions (including ones’ own) makes for a very different environment than the more typical conservative lockstep think-like-us mindset: Does Academia Discriminate Against Conservatives? Unlikely.

More on US Uncut: Get Up! Stand Up!. There’s an audiocast, but it’s summarized and commented in the article.

The Mother Jones article is picking up: Income Gap Widening Among Rich and Poor, Says Report.

Federal level pushback:

OK, a bit of levity: Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church on Live Talk Show. Just don’t fucking mess with anonymous. One of them will eventually decide to take you down. Ha. Right in the middle of the show, too :D. Anonymous later tweeted that their site was actually a bit more difficult to get into than HBGary’s (since the latter was vulnerable to SQL injection, plus email requests for passwords once an account was compromised), but honestly that’d only be because WBC wouldn’t know what to do with a database if it sat up and bit them. Only so much you can do with a 1998 era website using HTML 1.0…

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