and the game continues to unfold with #anonymous and the HBGary plot…

Wow. As I said earlier today, the Anonymous attack on HB Gary Federal just keeps widening: New information emerges on anti-WikiLeaks plot

When this story broke last week, Palantir was quick to deny any involvement in the anti-WikiLeaks plan and to sever ties with one of the partner firms, HBGary, that had masterminded the plan. One of several provocative items in the plan said that Greenwald’s public support for WikiLeaks needed “to be disrupted.”

Here’s where a new wrinkle in the story comes into play. Anonymous has now published a new batch of thousands emails hacked from executives at HBGary. And the emails appear to contradict Palantir’s claim that it had nothing to do with developing the anti-WikiLeaks plan.

Quelle surprise.

Also, it appears that HB Gary Federal had a copy of Stuxnet, which now means Anonymous does as well. The porosity of the Internet! The Internet as the great equalizer…

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