viva free #egypt!

Wow… 18 days of peaceful (on the part of the protesters) demonstrations, and Egypt has dislodged its 30 years long dictator. It’s absolutely amazing to watch… I can’t do any of it justice. You owe it to yourselves to witness history. Get on Al Jazeera English: Live Stream and watch. Get on Twitter and follow these: Results for #egypt and Results for #jan25. Follow these people: @monaeltahawy, @Ghonim, @alaa, and @Sandmonkey. These are the people of Egypt, not talking heads on the TV who have barely any idea of what is going on, or are taking alarmist Western “We aren’t in control anymore!!” viewpoints. Realize that Hosni Mubarak‘s Wiki entry already edited within minutes to say WAS president of Egypt.

Just… Wow.

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