The Greatest Irony

In 2019: This seems to have been updated:

[Audio: English (interpreted); Language: ASL; Subtitles: English]

by Amy Cohen Efron:

In light of the video I posted yesterday, and one comment I got about the Baby Signs program, I thought I’d post this to help illustrate what parents of deaf children are up against. The pressure to neglect sign language and focus on training speech, “hearing”, etc. (especially when the parents are hearing), is simply enormous. People assume that hearing is the absolute norm, and anything & everything must be done to turn deaf children into hearing people as much as possible, even though the process may damage their communication skills, personal and emotional development, and education.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading & watching Amy’s work over the last couple of years. She’s very thoughtful & compassionate and zeroes right in to the source of the issues she cares about. And this video is extraordinarily clear and posits one single question that nevertheless manages to encapsulate the entirety of the discrimination deaf people face and the source of it.

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