Through Your Child’s Eyes

[Audio: English; Languages: English, ASL; Subtitles: English]

I wish more parents of deaf children thought this way. I’m hopeful that the general tide is turning, but even my sister knows of another parent who refuses to let her child sign… and so on it goes… I hope this video can reach some of these parents.

On a brighter note, though, this was produced by DJ Kurs, and Wayne Betts, Jr. — the latter I featured several nights ago 🙂

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One Response to Through Your Child’s Eyes

  1. Medley says:

    I find the resistance to signing completely baffling. And it is especially ironic given that in some (middle-class, upper-middle-class, suburbia, ahem) circles, there are ‘baby signing’ classes being pushed at new moms (of hearing children)! (TLG had a few signs for awhile – super useful, actually!)