Wael Ghonim, the man who broke the Egyptian regime in one interview

[Audio: Arabic; Captions: none; Transcript: see below]

I was on twitter when he was interviewed, so the tweets provided live coverage and translation for me. The interview is absolutely heartbreaking, and is translated/transcribed here: Wael @Ghonim (thanks to @exiledsurfer who compiled the information from @SultanAlQassemi’s tweets). ETA Also, a subtitled clip of when Ghonim was first released: Exclusive: Wael Ghonim’s First Interview With English Subtitles. Plus: Al Jazeera has clips and transcripts up at their site: Live blog Feb 8 – Egypt protests.

Ghonim is the man who organized the initial Jan25 protests anonymously through Facebook. He disappeared that same day and no one was sure of his whereabouts or health for nearly 12 days. Then there were a couple of days of uncertainty as the regime stated it would release him, and no one quite knew if they were being honest or not. He was finally released today and interviewed shortly after.

Reaction on twitter? In my humble opinion, the regime in #Egypt was just demolished live on tv by a 30 year-old man’s tears. #Jan25

Wael @Ghonim was the first one I heard speaking the voice of revolution without a hidden agenda! #Egypt #Jan25

Yeah, I think Mubarak is finished. Just a question of how fast they can bundle him out of the country.

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