last supper collection

My kind of link daisy chaining!

From JMG:

A rendition of Remembrandt's The Last Supper, using characters from Star Wars.

I love that the food in question is PIZZA!

That led to this all time awesome version, also from JMG (click on either pic for their stories):

Another version of The Last Supper, with gay male BDSM characters.

Which leads to this all time awesome collection of same from Dan Savage: Other Last Suppers: Where’s the Outrage?

Seems the gay BDSM version trigged near apoplexy among xian hate groups when it came out, even though there’s a long, long, LONG precedent of making fun of this piece of artwork, with all kinds of variations from nude women to Simpsons. The collection is all kinds of awesome either way.

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