this is the kind of mentality I run into all the time

You know, I’m pretty laid back. I don’t actually get that pissed off that often. But now and then I run into shit like this: Nonprofit group opens a new world

“You can exist without hearing, but to have a life, you need to hear,” Austin said. “The ear is the road to the heart.”

I don’t have much to say to that besides fuck that. I have a full and rich life and I am deaf. The two are not mutually exclusive. The sooner hearing people drop this attitude the richer their lives will be, for being slightly less narrow minded and bigoted.

Amazing thing is that audiologists can be the worst about this. I’m reminded of one I had who was horrified to learn that I walk around in public without my hearing aids. “That’s dangerous!” she squealed. “You could get hit by a car!” Gee, I seem to have survived so far, maybe because I’ve done that all my life.

Or my current audiologist, whom I can’t contact via text or email (OMFG, get with the program). Unfortunately I’m sort of stuck with her b/c of insurance limiting my options.

Oh, maybe I did have a little more to say besides fuck that…

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