remember the “my son is gay… or not” post?

WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVENI think I posted or at least linked to it. But to refresh your memory, I’m talking about this fabulous post by a fabulous mom with a fabulous five year old kid who likes to dress fabulously, without really caring about what social norms he’s stepping on: My Son Is Gay.

There’s a follow up to what happened, here: Epilogue. Apparently her church wasn’t so amused. She was actually threatened with excommunication, from which her pastor only backed off after she mentioned that to his superior.

I really try to be tolerant of religion, especially as I’m an atheist who practices certain aspects of Buddhism (via Zazen meditation in the Rinzai tradition — yes, the one that was rocked with a sex scandal last year). But it’s really, really, really difficult.

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