Chase’s “Hard Candy” ASL version

[Audio: English; Captions: none; Languages: English, ASL; Transcript: at YouTube site, click thru]


*brain short circuits*


I just love the Willy Wonka imagery this is loaded with — from finding the “golden ticket” to all the food and candy… I keep spotting new things when I watch it over again 🙂

I also highly recommend Falldown:

[Audio: English; Captions: none; Languages: English, ASL; Transcript: at YouTube site, click thru]

Look at the imagery and look at the lyrics. I love the subversiveness of it. You could download the tune and not realize how he portrayed it in ASL…

There’s not too much background on Chase, although he is a hearing person and an interpreter, maybe a CODA? His signing is really quite something, and his interpretation of songs amazing to watch. He has his own works, as above, but started out by making covers-interpretations of other songs (Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Re$a, etc) all of which you can find at his YouTube channel. Looking at his website, the official blurb says

Independent artist and Pop singer Chase is breaking down barriers between the deaf/hard of hearing/hearing communities through one singular experience: Music. He combines his passions of performance, music and sign language through choreographed sign-language dance and hit-worthy vocals. The 24-year old Brooklyn native first sprang into prominence in 2009 when his sign language dance videos went viral, due to our very own Pop Princess, Britney Spears, posting them to her website. Now Chase is writing and producing his own music and creating music videos that the hearing as well as the deaf can both enjoy.

But what really blows my socks off is finding this blog entry (scroll a bit further down):

Gay? Who me?

Not such a big issue to me.
I don’t believe music has a gender. It has no sex. The art of music does not differentiate between its gay or straight counterparts.
For myself, I identify as gay only because it seems to be the most …easily explained, and also, more readily accepted.
But if I were to break it down, I would say this:
I truly believe myself to love a person for who they are. Gender unattached. I believe that if the right female came along, I could fall in love (and have, with women in the past). But as it stands right now, I am in love with one who happens to be a male.
Even now, some of you are placing a label on me as you read this. You have pre-determined my identity based on your own experiences.

[…]If you like the song, buy it, support me. If you don’t like the song because I am gay and have some gay imagery in the video, I wouldn’t need that sort of fan anyhow.


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