SNOMG: this is why i call it climate change

Since the deniers seem to think any bit of existing snow trumps any kind of evidence for “global warming”… Catastrophic Weather Events Are Becoming the New Normal — Are You Ready for Life on Our Planet Circa 2011?

A snowstorm shown covering about 85% of the U.S.

Also, the Yasi cyclone down by Australia:

Radar image of tropical storm superimposed over the U.S., covering about 80% of the country.

WOW… just… WOW…

The result in Chicago, which you would expect would be able to handle this better:

Highway of abandoned cars and snow at least to height of cars packed around them.

My guess is that it came up so quickly and heavily and with high winds they had to abandon cars. I’ve linked to the source, but it doesn’t give much of the story behind the picture.

(more info if you click thru on the pics)

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