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I am often frustrated by Media Matters because although it is near and dear to my own political and ethical sensibilities, it has a distressing tendency to throw up video clips with no commentary (or captions or transcripts) other than what is in the title of the post. But now and then, it posts real meat, and this one’s great: Glenn Beck Has No Clue What Bill Gates Thinks About Government Investment And Innovation:

So, according to Beck, it’s “guaranteed” that innovators like Gates would say to Obama: “The first thing I need is the federal government to get out of my face.”

Rather than try to read Gates’ mind, Beck would have been better served by looking into what Gates has been up to lately. Bill Gates is a member of the American Energy Innovation Council, which has, very publicly, called for the government to drastically increase its investments in “accelerating energy innovation.”

[…] Furthermore, in 2008, Gates traveled to DC and urged Obama to increase government spending.

That, I believe, is called a slam dunk. Although, of course Beck won’t care — nor will his mindless followers. And that’s the real danger — that’s how what Beck says becomes “true” — because of the sheer number of credulous watchers who don’t want to believe otherwise.

Although, maybe maybe his days are numbered? Another one from MM: Glenn Beck Limps Into 2011 With Falling Ratings. This isn’t the only report I’ve seen — I linked earlier to a report showing Fox New’s drop in the same timeframe. Not sure what’s going on there — last year was election year but Republicans made gains. So why is their noise machine slipping? Very interesting.

And another one from MM: When the politically fueled murder of a 9-year-old girl in Arizona is NOT national news

But there are also important differences. While the seriously warped mind of Christina’s Tucson murderer, Jared Lee Loughner, is a muddled mess, the motives of one of Brisenia’s alleged killers– a woman named Shawna Forde — are pretty clear: She saw herself as the leader of an armed movement against undocumented immigrants, an idea that was energized by her exposure to the then-brand-new Tea Party Movement. But unlike the horrific spree that took Christina’s life, the political murder of Brisenia and her dad (while Brisenia’s mom survived only by pretending to be dead) has only received very sporadic coverage in the national media. That’s a shame, because it’s an important story that illustrates the potential for senseless violence when hateful rhetoric on the right — in this case about undocumented immigrants — falls on the ears of the unhinged.

I remember these murders. It’s finally coming to trial and the article describes the testimony being given.

Korean Woman, Adopted as Infant, Facing Deportation in Arizona should really read “American Woman…” She has been in this country since she was 8 months old, and knows no one in Korea. How can we possibly consider deporting her?

Yemen might be next? Now Yemen?! Ctd. There’s been some protesting there, although the government has made some concessions. Hard to say just yet.

When Political Ideology Is a Religion. Some good points here.

I really hope this gains traction: Senators bash “telecom oligarchs,” propose strict net neutrality bill.

“The recent FCC ruling on net neutrality does not do nearly enough to protect consumers, and this bill is designed to maintain a free and open Internet,” Franken said in a statement when the bill was released. Last week, Franken made a speech in which he called net neutrality the “free speech issue of our time” and said that the FCC rules “will create essentially two Internets.”

The new bill is strict with ISPs. In contrast to the vaguer language in the FCC’s net neutrality order, the bill simply bans ISPs from doing all sorts of things, including:

(6) charg[ing] a content, application, or service provider for access to the broadband Internet access service providers’ end users based on differing levels of quality of service or prioritized delivery of Internet protocol packets;

(7) prioritiz[ing] among or between content, applications, and services, or among or between different types of content, applications, and services unless the end user requests to have such prioritization…

(9) refus[ing] to interconnect on just and reasonable terms and conditions.

The bill also makes clear that it applies to all forms of Internet access, whether those IP packets come by wire, radio, or donkey caravan. Even “degrading” a user’s access to legal content (“including fair use”) is prohibited, and ISPs can’t force subscribers to sign up for extra services like phone or video.

They get it, they really do. (Of course, opponents also get it — they just want the inequalities and expensiveness that will result because they can make money off of it…)

A Cut We Can’t Afford to Make

Among the Republican Study Committee, or RSC’s many proposed spending cuts is elimination of the Corporation for National and Community Service, or CNCS, and its programs such as AmeriCorps.

It’s really amazing how thoroughly and utterly conservative interests have hated the New Deal and all it’s legacy, never mind the enormous benefits we reaped from it.

With a Deep Dig Into Its Past, Perugia Built an Energy-Saving Future. This is really cool — a “mini metro” allows a small city in Europe to eliminate traffic entirely from its boundaries. Geography and other factors do help, but I should think there’s plenty of good ideas here that could be adapted.

Nonfiction: Nabokov Theory on Butterfly Evolution Is Vindicated. Who knew? He had a lifelong interest in butterflies and proposed some theories that in retrospect is hard to see how he came up with in the days before DNA analysis and so on. But today’s technologies have just confirmed his theories. Neat.

“It Gets Better: The Book” available for preordering!

Theoretically… A Continued Commitment to Security. This option wasn’t yet available to me yesterday afternoon, but I did have it (and set it!) by the time I went to bed.

Google Starts Censoring BitTorrent, RapidShare and More. Inevitable, I supposed. But ARRRGH. Need to find a non-censoring search engine.

The Unbearable Whiteness of Pro-Lifers and Pundits — an excellent take down of Santorum’s odious equating of pro-lifers with abolitionists. Which is, btw, a complete disregard of history. (Of course, what else is new from these people?)

Oh, interesting! CABLESEARCH is an attempt for an user friendly search engine of already published documents from Wikileaks.

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