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There are any number of similar approaches that have proven themselves like this one: Portugal’s Experiment With Drugs. Nine years ago, Portugal decriminalized the possession of all illicit drugs — from marijuana to heroin — but continued to impose criminal sanctions on distribution and trafficking. The results today are noteworthy and thought provoking: more people are being treated for drug addictions, and quite a bit more contraband has been found and seized — both good news. There’s some indications the overall rate of experimentation has gone up, but it is not yet clear whether that reflects more people experimenting then dropping it, or a higher rate of addictions.

This in from the RudePundit: Martin Luther King Would Still Fuck Your Shit Up A better summary of what MLK was about than anything from the mealy mouthed crap on public media going on today.

Digby draws our attention to a series of letters written over forty years ago with conservative reactions to MLK’s messages and activism. Not much changes: “Is It Possible To Ignore The Future?”

Quite possibly the most depressing thing I’ve read in a while: The vindication of Dick Cheney. Or, how the Obama administration is legitimizing all the excesses of the Bush administration with regards to spying, war, secrecy, illegal detention and so on. The War On Terror, justified. *headdesk*

I would be more impressed by this Progressives to ‘uncloak’ the secret financers behind the Tea party if I hadn’t been seeing news about the Koch brothers for nearly a year now. I hope it sparks something off, but we have so far remained particularly quiet about these guys — what about this would change that?

I might have been a bit glib the other day in asserting people in cities have no problem getting ahold of food (and I would still say, more chances of doing so than out in rural areas with less of a safety net): Price Shocks, Food Shortages And Global Economic Riots In 2011? Sigh.

I’m trying to work my way through this. Given who is opening this investigation, I am leery. But as described here: House panel wants Homeland Security documents, this actually sounds like a relatively good thing to check into, because as presented, the examinations and sidetracking of FOIA requests seems kind of dodgy to me. WHAT AM I MISSING? Issa is utter republican scum — we in California know this weasel well…

As usual, Krugman puts his finger on precisely what is going on — in this case, the Republicans and the current kill health care bill (entitled — I kid you not — . H.R. 2, the Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. They’re not employing any kind of rational discussion on this at all: The War on Logic.

To underscore the pettiness of the Republican action on HCR, take a gander: Grijalva Amendment to Health Care Repeal That Would Preserve Indian Health Care Improvement Act Blocked by Republican Majority. Also, a detailed debunking of each and every “reason” raised by the Republicans to repeal HCR is found here: Debunking False Claims About Health Reform, Jobs, and the Deficit.

Apparently self-identified liberals are liberal across the board, but self-identified conservatives are not. In America Not as Politically Conservative as You Think, we find “moral conservatives” (personal conservative moral views, but a liking for gov’t spending on social programs), “conflicted conservatives” (like the label but aren’t conservative in their views — no I didn’t quite wrap my mind around that part either), and libertarian conservatives.

It”s extraordinarily refreshing to see a straight guy who doesn’t fit the mainstream definition of straight: James Franco’s “Maybe I’m Just Gay” Goes Deeper Than That. I particularly like how he explains why he likes playing the characters he does: “Part of what I’m interested in is how these people who were living anti-normative lifestyles contended with opposition.”

Go read: Examples of Hearing Privilege. I’m willing to bet, unless you are deaf or have more experience with deafness than the average individual, that at least some of these would have never occurred to you.

People are often surprised when I point out that I am very cautious of the police. Why on earth? I am a middle aged perceived-white woman — probably the least threatening demographic out there. But I am also deaf. So while chances are pretty good I won’t come to their attention in the first place (thank goodness): should a police officer shout at me and I not respond, trouble could escalate within seconds. Williams in Seattle was shot killed within four seconds of having a police officer call out to him. Tone Deaf describes a traumatizing encounter with the police for a young deaf girl.

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