literal videos: love is a battlefield

There’s a series of these old MTV videos redone with subtitles reflecting the literal sequence of what’s being shown. The song here is Pat Benatar’s 1983 “Love Is A Battlefield” which is the audio portion, but the howlers are in the subtitles which have nothing to do with the audio and everything to do with the visuals 🙂

[Audio: Love is a Battlefield; subtitles: unrelated to audio]
ETA: I’ve been informed the audio is actually the subtitles sung to the original tune, and that the subtitling isn’t complete. Hrm.

I never saw these original videoclips so I also find it interesting how the song is portrayed — here as a young woman defiantly leaving home to pursue (what?) and going through a round of ditzy clubs with smarmy and annoying men. The lyrics themselves I’ve always pictured as sung by someone in a relationship frowned upon by everyone else but the video gives an entirely different spin on it.

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