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I want to note several heroes and role models coming out of the Arizona shootings: Openly Gay Intern Daniel Hernandez Jr. Credited With Saving Life Of Rep. Giffords. Oh Arizona — an hispanic and gay man saved the life of your congressional representative, after all the legislation you have done to marginalize them and turn your state into an inhospitable zone for these groups of people. Patricia Maisch, a 61-year-old woman emerges as hero by grabbing at the second magazine the gunman had before he could reload to continue shooting. The delay she afforded here also allowed two more men to stop the gunman from loading a third clip and to hold him down until the police arrived.

By the way, I really like Maisch: Brave Woman Who Grabbed Clip from Shooter Blames Right-Wing Media and Rhetoric … In Fox News Interview.

A little more about Christina Taylor-Green, 9/11/2001 – 1/8/2011: Parent’s pain is heartbreaking.

Word: The Sunday Morning Come to Jesus Moment on Second Amendment Solutions.

Yep: The Insanity About the Insanity Defense.

Facepalmery: CNN’s Erickson: In Wake Of Attempted Murder Of Jewish Politician, It’s Important To Stress “A Saving Faith In Jesus Christ”.

Even more facepalmery and jawonthefloorery: Palin’s Persecution Complex Culminates With “Blood Libel” Accusation. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? Why do we publish any news on this woman at all? She’s an unsuccessful political hack — failed governor, failed VP candidate, failed everything.

Right, because that will galvanize her followers into further action on account of her being criticized. Logical! Palin: Violent Rhetoric Doesn’t Inspire Violence — But Criticism Of Violent Rhetoric Does.

Contains uncaptioned video clip and not much more. But really, the title says it all (and then no need to subject yourself to his looking at him!): Rush Asks Why Obama Is “Escaping Total Blame” For AZ Shooting Despite Agenda That “Might Make A Sick Man A Little Crazy”.

And it spreads: California Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Washington Congressman Jim McDermott.

Indicative of how far gone the batshit rightwing nutjobs are, reasonable and moderate GOPers are getting it from them, too: Gopers Feeling The Heat.

Heh. I appreciate this, even as I’m probably squarely in the criticized group: This Masturbatory Civility.

As much as I deride Homeland Security, I do remember when this report came out: Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism. And they were right on the nose about this. And hey, remember this one (2008)? Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama.

I don’t know whether I agree with all of this article or not (Hate and Violence Are Encoded in the DNA of the American Right) but this is of particular interest:

Since Obama took office in January 2009, there have been seven separate cases of disturbed white men committing political murders after becoming hopped up on guns, right-wing media and anti-government and anti-Obama blather. And this doesn’t even include Loughner’s attack or other incidents where the gunman was intent on killing but didn’t succeed.

Compare this with the lack of political violence during the Bush era, when passions were equally inflamed. This stark contrast demands an explanation for why there have been so many political murder sprees in less than two years.

Slam dunk: How NOT to respond to the gender gap. I mean, there are nails in that there coffin…

I actually want to comment on this further, but I keep deferring it, so I’ll link it here: The Gallaudet Syndrome. Shorter version: I cannot believe there is so much at the university — the university for the deaf — that is inaccessible TO THE DEAF. And I’m appalled at the described mindset.

Pension Envy. Or, the state of the union. Yeah.

Nate’s got some interesting data on the recent history of gun control: Did Democrats Give Up in the Gun Control Debate?. On a more personal note, I was married to a law enforcement officer — and during that marriage the whole issue of gun control and how the Democrats were going to shred the Second Amendment was a constant refrain. Of course that disappeared once the marriage ended, and not having been much of a gun person to begin with, returned to that state and didn’t think much more of it. But yeah, the whole gun control debate, which I recall seemed to be sparked by the assassination attempt on Reagan (eg the Brady Bill and all that) really isn’t much around.

Australia is underwater. Whoa. Devastating Australian Floodwaters Reach City of Brisbane.

One of my favorite sites comes up with yet another reload of Palin’s graphic. Props to The Stranger & Dan Savage:

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