over and over and over again

You know how I blogged about Netflix last month? Well, take a look at this, dated November of 2009. Also note where she discusses that the victory she and her cohorts won twenty years ago for broadcast have been so easily abandoned in broadband. This showcases how hearing people — whether through malice or indifference, it does not actually matter — routinely deprive the deaf of their rights to equal access. Since laws in place did not explicitly name the Internet, wireless, broadband, it was taken as license to completely disregard them, and indeed to strip out already existing captions when rebroadcast in the new mediums.

And more than a year on, Netflix is still dragging its feet. WTF.

As an aside here, I’m amused at the delay in closed captioning here. I’m assuming she has an audio interpreter that is being transcribed, with the usual delay evident in live CC. So for once the ASL is in real time and the rest lags 🙂

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