wikileaks: hit and run

This has been an intense day – & it’s amazing how central of a role Twitter now plays in these disputes/debates

Well, well, well. According to boingboing’s article published last night: Lamo/Manning Wikileaks chat logs contain no unpublished references to Assange or private servers, there’s nothing else in the chat logs referencing a private server or further communications with Assange. This means the extended (and at times contradictory) statements made by Lamo are not backed up by the chat logs (as he sometimes claims). They are therefore either fabrications or are supported by material other than that of the logs. (And if anything terribly convenient shows up now, I think people will be justifiably suspicious.)

It also means that the sort of case that the U.S. would ostensibly like to build against Assange just got a bit harder to do, since the chat logs aren’t going to support some type of conspiracy between Manning and Assange. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Lamo’s credibility seems rather compromised at this point.

Now, why was that so difficult? Shouldn’t have taken a Glenzilla to pry that out of these guys *facepalm*

Others are equally astonished by Floyd Abrams’ rant of yesterday: Floyd Abrams Whizzes on WikiLeaks, If You Can’t Debate, Triangulate,

Sounds like this is what is in the contents of the poison pill, perhaps? Although I think there’s more than 2K copies of the insurance file out there already. It could be a second one of course. In any case, this is pretty interesting — a warning to the U.S. if I ever read one: Many Arab officials have close CIA links: Assange

The interviewer, Ahmed Mansour, said at the start of the interview which was a continuation of last week’s interface, that Assange had even shown him the files that contained the names of some top Arab officials with alleged links with the CIA.

Assange or Mansour, however, didn’t disclose the names of these officials. The WikiLeaks founder said he feared he could be killed but added that there were 2,000 websites that were ready to publish the remaining files that are in possession of WikiLeaks after “he has been done away with”.

“If I am killed or detained for a long time, there are 2,000 websites ready to publish the remaining files. We have protected these websites through very safe passwords,” said Assange.


Whether such tactics
will have a chilling effect
remains to be seen.

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