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I have no words: Are atheists unfit soldiers?. Read the comments section, too: some very interesting points there. Plus links to Why Religious People Are Scared of Atheists and Army Falsely Claims Lowering Standards of Recruitment Has Not Affected Troop Quality.

And this set just made me grin: Isn’t it amazing how Christmas Eve turns everyone’s thoughts to lies and delusions? Wish I’d found them in time to use myself…

On the ossification of the media as an entrenched class in itself: The Press And Social Security.

On privacy concerns. (Why do you think I have such a negative reaction to foursquare?) What is Traitorware?

Addressing charges that “just being against gay marriage put them on a hate group list”: SPLC’s Anti-Gay Hate List Compiled With Diligence and Clear Standards.

I agree it’s a matter of time. Still don’t know what the road looks like though (DADT being one hell of a scenic detour, I’m just saying): US vide-president Joe Biden says gay marriage is ‘inevitable’.

A little bit of holiday cheer: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Lesbians.

Meanwhile in Seth Walsh’s school district, Feds eye CA district’s handling of bullying claim.

I would read this all the way through. It’s really not what you expect and rather disturbing: A rapist who dodged jail, or a Palestinian man unjustly accused?

Scarleteen is hands down the best sex-ed site online: What is Rape & What Is It Like to Be Raped?

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