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What IS this? It’s almost Christmas, but the news is still hopping.

Quick peek at what’s probably ahead for marriage equality: Making Marriage Equal.

Description of what went on behind the scenes in getting the DADT repeal done: Full Circle – With a Lot of Work

Good on her: Lesbian Teen Sues Kilgore School District For Outing, Harassing Her

One of the more thoughtful essays on the DADT repeal I’ve seen: romanticism and the DADT repeal

NY Senator Kirsten Gillebrand gets some much deserved love: Some Of Her Best Friends

Getting a handle on the Senate filibuster: Breaking the filibuster in one graph. In particular, this graph:

Interestingly: Filibuster Reform: Senate Democrats Returning To Chamber Unanimously Favor Changing Rules.

Pondering this. I don’t know the numbers — and I don’t watch the news, cable or otherwise — but this seemed kind of interesting: Be Careful What You Magnify. I’m not clear on what “non-cable” news would be — broadcast news? Like, uh, Fox? Printed news? I did find this site, which was interesting and had info on Cable TV and Network TV news channels.

Oddities — today’s teens learning to use contraception despite the abstinence education? U.S. teen birthrate plummets, raising research questions.

Some of this is due to legal procedurals: if they don’t file something now, they won’t be able to at all. Clementi’s parents have six months to decide whether to do so, now: Rutgers denies fault for Tyler Clementi suicide after family threatens lawsuit

Making it bettter: Discussion on Bullying Turns to Real Solutions, Legal Protections

Collie is involved with several campus organizations and has helped to plan the campus LGBTQ student organization’s annual student conference. Despite Chapel Hill’s progressive reputation, Collie says the school still has a long road to travel toward full inclusion.

[…] Chapel Hill, like the rest of North Carolina’s public university system, does have an LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination policy. Yet, Collie says, “It’s not the policy that has the most effect. I think it is the work being done by campus groups and by the [university’s] LGBTQ Center.”

He adds, “You can have the best law in the world, but if you don’t have people there holding you accountable it won’t make a difference.”

It’s a good point — how often have we seen a law on the books just not be enforced? Yeah.

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