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Several things catching my eye that seem worth passing along:

Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people: How Did Republicans End Up Against 9/11 Responders Bill? OTOH, that duck is mighty spry: Update: Congress Passes 9/11 Responders Bill. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a busy lame-duck session…

Banks are burglarizing and illegally seizing homes they say are in foreclosure: Scams and Thievery.

The Cruelty Lobby.

Not content to merely lobby for cutting social security pensions, the other day Peter Orszag put disability insurance on the menu as well, saying that people with disabilities should be working during this economic downturn.(It’s bad for their character if they don’t, you see, and they’ll get lazy and unproductive.)

Yeah, the 112th congress should be a real doozy.

Fuckers. Total and complete fuckers: Last-Ditch Move to Block Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. Fortunately the maneuver failed. It must be nice to see things in such black and white you’re able to ignore any and all collateral damage in your single minded pursuit of whatever you think worthy. Sheesh.

While we’re thinking about congresscritters and end runs, there’s concern about the “tax holiday” part of the tax cut deficit-feeder bill. This is a reduction in the monies taken out for Social Security. This is where SS is funded. Cutting down the amounts collected for that is clearly a move to dismantle Social Security entirely, which has a lot of people alarmed. Truthout discusses the implications here: Saving Social Security: Stopping Obama’s Next Bad Deal and proposes one way out.

Interesting story here I’d been following and it appears to be on its way to resolution: Will Google Ban “Queers in History”? Background is that google appeared ready (if via a possible auto-bot) to pull the plug on a perfectly legitimate book on account of its contents or topics, as the “complaints” that google had about it — that it had adult material — didn’t seem to apply. Last week the author got an apology from Google, so it remains to be seen whether his ads recover their former behavior. I know that Google itself is has non discriminatory policies that include sexual orientation, but there are definitely issues that come up from time to time that suggest certain of their employees do not always share those views. But anyway, happier ending for now.

Nice to see this: Gotcha Fail: Rep. Frank Turns Tables on CNS. There’s a good number of Dems who could take lessons from him on not getting pwned by the media.

Cool interview here: Dan Savage and Jane Lynch. Savage, of course, started up the It Gets Better project and Jane Lynch stars in something called “Glee.” They sound like they had a lot of fun doing the interview. (*I’m yanking your chains, y’all — I don’t watch Glee, I watch few TV shows and then on DVD, but I do know what it is 🙂 ) Besides, how can I not love something like this:

Savage: F–k John McCain—put that in NEWSWEEK.

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