the stupid: it burns

Michele Bachmann will guard our intelligence (h/t JMG). I just… I just… WHUT?????

McCain Rants Against DADT Repeal: ‘Today’s A Very Sad Day’. Any further proof you needed that McCain’s legacy — whatever it might have been — is utterly gone?

Marshall seeks to ban gays from Virginia National Guard. Congresscritter from VA is also considering a senate seat in the near future.

Barbour’s Ole Miss-takes. Digby points out Barbour’s nothing but a revisionist. Astonishingly, Barbour appears immune to whiplash: Barbour: Segregationist Citizens Councils That I Praised Were ‘Totally Indefensible’. Ow.

Hate Group Head Tony Perkins On DADT: The Senate Has Blood On Their Hands.

Be all that you can be! You can be gay—in the Aaaaarmy!. I think my favorite is the “bestiality battalion.”

The much… vaunted… fourth… estate. Yeah. o.O O’Reilly takes credit for omnibus bill collapse: “You want action? You’ve come to the right place”.

Limbaugh: Dems “Destroy Things Based On Or Rooted In God”. Actually I think the “religious things” are destroying themselves quite nicely, without our help.

Pat Robertson: Don’t Be Friends With Gays. Yep. Just pay out the rope, guys — the ‘phobes are doing all the heavy lifting.

Yea NOM? It’s just about marriage? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.. Weird thing is, California already has opt out clauses for parents who don’t want their kids to see certain films or presentations if it’s a conflict with their beliefs.

Email Of The Day – Eugene Delguadio. *blink*… *blink*blink* *facepalm*

The lesson of segregation is — further civil discrimination?! OMG. The ‘net meets… microfiche! Awesome!

#MooreandMe. This kind of stuff *still* needs to be spelled out. Don’ tell me we live in a post feminist world because we don’t.

Note that a number of these, especially from Media Matters, include uncaptioned video clips.


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