because, you know, we’re human beings, too

… Although a lot of folks would like to think otherwise. So while this is good news: Gay advocates win victory at UN, why the fuck do we have to go through this time after time? A month ago I noted that we’d been voted as “eligible” for arbitrary execution in other parts of the world LJ: the UN — one step forward, a giant leap backwards, one step… Even though this is the fucking 21st century. Seems that after a good deal of expressed concern, this has been overturned.

U.N. member states have restored a reference to sexual orientation that was dropped amid much controversy last month from a resolution opposing the unjustified killing of minority groups.

The removal of the reference, done at the committee level last month, alarmed human rights advocates who said gay people are among minority groups that need special protection from extrajudicial and other unjustified killings.

I’d be more congratulatory, but this is fucking human rights, never mind civil rights.

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