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Media Matters, in Why Equality Matters, has just announced a new website, Equality Matters to cover the GLBT struggle for civil rights. Media Matters notes, and I agree — I’ve been labeling my posts with “civil rights” for a while now — that there’s a growing shift from seeing these as “gay rights” to understanding that it’s really “civil rights”:

This victory [repeal of DADT] not only means that gays and lesbians will be allowed to serve with the dignity they deserve, but that America is beginning to recognize that our struggle is for civil rights. America is beginning to understand that gay rights are human rights.

Media Matters discusses their decision for a website devoted entirely to these concerns:

We see other signs of progress too. For example, Ricky Martin, one of the biggest pop music stars of all time and Ken Mehlman, a former Republican Party chair turned Wall Street banker, felt comfortable enough to publicly proclaim their sexuality. Now, the gay high school kid on Fox’s Glee has a great, show-stealing boyfriend. A New Jersey teenager’s suicide gave new poignancy to a PSA campaign in which Americans from all walks of life, famous and not, spoke openly and candidly in record numbers about what it means to be gay and how “it gets better” – thanks to activist and writer Dan Savage.

In Washington, however, we have missed opportunities and have not so far been able to transform favorable public opinion into the powerful and undeniable force for change that it should have been. We believe that the moment for decisive action for full gay equality is here — that this moment is a historic imperative. The goal of Equality Matters is to leverage our expertise in media and communications, and politics and policy, to support those who share that belief and help create an environment where policymakers, the courts, the media and the public at large understand that gay rights are human rights.

I look forward to seeing their updates. The website is already a treasure trove of information: go take a look.

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