DADT countdown to repeal

Ooh, following twitter — cloture vote commencing on DADT repeal! Following announcements — positive & negative (and in the case of McCain, utterly incoherent) — from the various senators prior to voting on closing debate…

Some choice tweets…
MCCain’s getting no love:

@pourmecoffee: John McCain’s reaffirming he’s already invoked cloture for his mind.
@ltdanchoi: Your argument against equality has no legs, @SenJohnMcCain. #DADT

Dropped my jaw on this one. Snowe has a LONG history of playing coy with the liberal vote then yanking it out a la Lucy:

@chrisgeidner: Snowe votes yes, with Lieberman at her side. #DADT

OK, all the Republicans we’ve been working on the last week went with it, amazing:

@chrisgeidner: REPUBLICANS VOTING YES: Sens. Brown, Collins, Kirk, Murkowski, Snowe, Voinovich. #DADT

AND…. cloture passes!

@AaronMFlynn: #DADT cloture vote passes with 63 votes!!!!!

UPDATE: JMG has a great line up of DADT Cloture Vote Reactions here. No word yet from the anti-gay hate groups, although I’m sure they’re not going to be happy.

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