dadt and dream on saturday

Looks like everything’s all set up to vote on these bills this Saturday. According to Reid Schedules DADT Vote:

The DREAM Act will be considered first on Saturday morning, according to a Democratic Senate aide. If the legislation fails to reach the 60-vote threshold, the aide said the Senate would move immediately to consideration of the stand-alone repeal bill, which will first need 60 votes in order to move to a second vote that requires only a majority for passage. If the initial hurdle of 60 is met, the aide said the timing of the second vote will depend on whether Republicans agree to bypass the 30 hours of debate before proceeding to the second vote.

To understand what all the votes are about, you can go over this outline: How a Bill Becomes Law. The first vote, requiring 60 to pass, is the cloture to stop debate on the bill. Once debate is finished on a Senate bill, then it can be voted on — which only requires a majority to pass. So it’s entirely possible DADT will be gone by Saturday night, but by Sunday night at the latest. Assuming none of the senators suddenly change their minds, but at present there’s 62 votes that are pretty certain…

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