the stupid: it burns

Save the Children Breaks With Soda Tax Effort. Organization formed to lobby for extra taxes on sugared drinks to fight obesity stops lobbying after payoff by Pepsi…

Really. I MEAN REALLY. What year is this? This isn’t even implicit social pressure to girls to shut up and be cute. This is TELLING THEM OUTRIGHT. “Girls Shouldn’t Have Ideas.” *headdesk* Not only that, this was funded with TAXPAYER money. That’s right! Your money, my money, down the damn drain.

FIFA’s Blatter: Gay fans should refrain from sex at Qatar World Cup. Although truthfully, the rioting in the streets will begin when people realize the prohibition on booze…

Moral of Story: When 8-year-olds Are Silly, The School Goes Nuts. Six year old boy takes self portrait, adults come unglued… *facepalm*

House Approves DADT Repeal By Vote Of 250 To 175, Gohmert Warns Of ‘End Of Existence’. House votes to repeal DADT, adults come unglued…

Do Gay People Have Feelings. Again, what year is this? However: yes, it’s best answer ever…

Rush: Maybe “we’re fighting the wrong enemy in the Middle East. Maybe the real terrorists … are on Capitol Hill”. Of course anything by Limbaugh is going to wind up in TSIB editions on this blog… >.< Er, as I was saying: Limbaugh on START treaty: “I can’t stomach” the notion that Obama “has national security in mind”.

Did NOM Outdo Its ‘Gathering Storm’ Ad With This Anti-Steve Jobs Bit? NOM attacks Jobs for … censorship. Yep.

And you guys! You guys! The coup de grace:

Acrobats strip for Pope Benedict XVI, perform topless in Vatican

A usually staid weekly Papal audience was spiced up this week with an acrobatic performance by a troupe of topless men. The four performers dressed in white suits walked across the stage towards the Papal throne and surprised the Pope by whipping off their shirts before beginning an acrobatic performance on Tuesday.

(h/t JMG). I must say, though, I think the nuns are my favorite part. Ratzi leering burns my eyeballs…


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