on false promises of objectivity

Keith Olbermann delivers an awesome commentary on the essential problem of the “objectivity” ostensibly embraced by those in the media — and completely skewers them. Long-ish at 12 minutes, but worth watching

[Autocaptioned ++]

I’ve mentioned before it’s a fair amount of work for me to watch a particular video, to the point where I simply don’t watch many unless they are captioned or in ASL. But this one was worth it, though I had to stop and rest a few times before getting all the way through. Olbermann pulls out many, many examples of where reporters were not “objective”, but spoke the simple truth — and what those results were.

Keith Olbermann himself provides a transcript on his blog: Olbermann: False promise of ‘objectivity’ proves ‘truth’ superior to ‘fact’.

BTW, autocaptioning seems to be at its absolute best with American public speakers. I also wonder if there’s a mechanism to correct the autocaptioning. Very interesting.

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