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GET YOUR COMMENTS IN: Mere Hours Left to Save Net Neutrality. See also: Marathon – Save the Internet. And, petition: Accept No Substitute for Real Net Neutrality

Holiday in Chernobyl: Ukraine to lift restrictions on disaster site. I can’t get past the notion of allowing more generalized “tourism” to this spot. That said, I have been fascinated by the photographs of this place, showing its rapid return to pre-human state.

And of course, two can play this game: Warhol Foundation Threatens to End Financing of Smithsonian Exhibitions. Good on them, I say.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: Year of the Same

Why You’re A Sucky Editor. Writing’s one thing. Cleaning up and editing another, but no less important…

The Value in Calling Out ‘Dickishness’. The Republicans as the Party of Vandalizers. Yep, that works.

U.S. To Attempt To Restore United Nations Resolution Against Gay Executions. That the previous resolution got passed *facepalm*. That we are probably not going to vote on this one b/c of our own death penalty, even though we’re pushing for its repeal *facepalm*. At least there’s work being done to repeal it. Not that it should have happened in the first place!

This kind of sums it up. I believe that now cloture has been confirmed, it will be passing in the Senate today, to go on to (more contentious) passage in the House: Al Franken Holds His Nose And Votes For Obama’s ‘Bad Policy’

There’s a petition out to stop this, citing five important points. It may not be enough to stop it, though, as a very high premium (one I’m hard pressed to disagree with myself, as furious as I may be that it is dependent on the tax cut compromise) on the unemployment benefits extension is present. Thanks for joining us. Help Stop the Republican Hostage Takers.

I have no idea what to make of this: Senate adds key clean energy program to tax bill. Except that the process of putting together bills and amendments and what not is incredibly byzantine. Goldberg should have focused on diagramming these things…

I always called this the “junk drawer effect” — the more junk drawer space you have, the more your junk will expand to fill them all. The Paradox of Efficiency, on the “rebound effect”.

California’s fiscal situation continues to be dire, though there’s a certain amount of hope in watching what Jerry Brown, our governor-elect, has been doing the last few weeks. Our schools are in particularly bad shape and these articles Schools on the Brink and Jerry Brown To Reject Education Privatization Movement are very encouraging.

Another take on that judicial ruling on the HCR package: With Health-Care Reform, the Judges Rule

This, at least, is excellent news: Breaking News on EFF Victory: Appeals Court Holds that Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment.

I believe these are the monies California just scooped up: Train, train, go away: Tea Party Governor-elect Walker compels business to leave state after he kills high-speed rail in Wisconsin.

And from out of the left field, just because. It appears that the works of HP Lovecraft are freely available in EPUB format: Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

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