DADT update

The work to bring a standalone bill to repeal DADT in Congress has been proceeding apace. While at first it looked to be a Senate bill sponsored by Joe Lieberman and 39 others including one Republican (Collins), it appears that there’s an identical bill moving through the House as well. Either way, there should be something later this week to vote on, depending on how long the congressional session lasts.

Meanwhile, on another angle of attack on DADT: SLDN Fights Congressional Inaction With Legal Fire

Executive director Aubrey Sarvis said in a statement, “This filing is a shot across the bow as we prepare to pursue and sustain an aggressive far reaching litigation strategy if the Senate fails to act this month to repeal the law.

“This dispute can be resolved by Congress or by the courts,” he said. “With this filing we put Congress on notice that a cadre of service members and our national legal team stand ready to litigate strategically around the country.”

Twitter seems to be the best place to follow the latest on the DADT bill; try #DADT and @chrisgeidner.

[UPDATE: Of the standalone DADT repeal bill being introduced today in the House, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) told Metro Weekly, “There would be no point doing this if there wasn’t a real chance to get this done in the Senate.” Saying that the effort unveiled by Hoyer today happened only in conjunction with “conversations with the Senate,” Frank said that a “number of Republicans have hidden behind procedure on this” — but that “[t]hose [issues] appear to be getting resolved. Saying that he was confident in the House’s ability to pass the standalone repeal bill, he added of the Senate chances for passage, “I’d say there’s a better than even chance.”]

[Autocaptioned – Particularly difficult to understand the questions from Chris Johnson (Washington Blade) and Kerry Eleveld (Advocate).] A summary of the clip can be found here: Gibbs Won’t Call On Senate To Stay In Session For DADT Repeal

For a presidential spokesperson, Gibbs seems to be a particularly inept speaker, I don’t know how many “uh’s” there were — I lost count. OTOH the autocaptioning had no trouble with his speech.

DADT update: Discharged vets file lawsuit; standalone repeal bill up to 40 sponsors
Hoyer expected to file ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal bill Tuesday.

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