this is what happens when I am AFK

As I tweeted yesterday, it was a gorgeous, gorgeous day yesterday. I started the day off in L.A. where my parents reside and took an early morning walk with my dog. I was really annoyed I had forgotten my camera, because this walk lets you see the entire L.A. basin — and today you could also see the entire mountain range that surrounds it, from Malibu in the north down to the mountains in Orange County. That’s over 40 miles of clarity. Then I drove back down to San Diego, and the entire drive down was just bright sunshine, blue skies, and dazzling ocean. So I collected friends and dogs once I got home and hit the dog beach:

Firstly she was quite impatient with me plodding along the beach to the water. Well she’s got four legs to navigate all the sand with!

Waiting impatiently at water's edge.

I throw her bumper in:
Racing out to get the bumper.

And she brings it back:
Racing back in with her bumper.

She’ll do this all day long if I let her:

So anyway, that was what Southern California was like yesterday. IN DECEMBER!!

Don’t hate us 😀

(AFK means away from keyboard.)

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2 Responses to this is what happens when I am AFK

  1. Jesse the K says:

    I won’t hate you … but I’ll sure envy you! Is that a tidal area? Are there lovely birds for your dog to enthusiastically flush out of the brushes?

    • BEG says:

      It’s part of a flood control channel that empties into the ocean, which makes it nice for retrieving in the water without dealing with surfs (and surfboards!). If we go in far enough, there’s some bird sanctuaries, but my friend has cocker spaniels who *really* want to flush the birds (mine waits for me to shoot them… not too likely… ) so we avoid getting too close or we’d be chasing cockers all day long!