deaf and queer

Stumbled across a bit of a treasure trove. These were done about four years ago, some of them. About half are ASL (no captions), and half in written form. As they say, remember that English is a second language for many ASL signers (no, sign language is not the equivalent of English any more than Spanish is). Coming out stories, via the website, which has been around since 1995. Unfortunately due to monetary and volunteer time constraints, it is not very often updated, but it has a good number of resources (such as the above).

And here is a collection of ASL videos done for the IGBP: It Gets Better – In ASL. I am unclear whether that’s all of them (I really doubt that) or just the ones who notified the website of their contributions. You can also go to the IGBP YouTube channel itself and search on ASL — the generated list will indicate which ones are captioned, for those of you who don’t sign.

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