you censor me, i’ll censor someone else…

I am astonished by this one: “Banned for Life”: The Story of the National Portrait Gallery’s iPad Activist.

So, we all know that the Smithsonian put on a “controversial” exhibit last month, Hide/Seek and then caved in to conservative pressure and pulled “A Fire in My Belly” from the exhibit. The conservatives continued to dance around for a while, calling for defunding the Smithsonian and so on.

This has naturally upset many people, and several decided to take peaceful action:

On Saturday, December 4, two activists were detained at the National Portrait Gallery while staging their own protest action. One, Mike Blasenstein, had been standing peacefully beside the entrance to the gallery containing the “Hide/Seek” show, displaying “A Fire in My Belly” on an iPad hung around his neck and holding a stack of fliers with text explaining his action. The second man, artist Mike Iacovone, filmed the action (his footage of the subsequent arrest is available online). Both were released — but only after being made to sign letters pledging not to return to Smithsonian Institution facilities.

The link describes the event in more detail.

My irony meter is pegging out here…

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