the stupid: it burns

(Well, I’ve done these before, but I’m starting to number them from here on out.)

We’re merely mainstream, says leader of group where criminalization, deportation, ‘enemy’-possession, and horse-shtooping are all on the table Failure to grasp the difference between calling for death & deportation versus not liking the notion of same-sex marriage. Hint. There’s more than a little.

Ninth Searches for Something (Anything) to Invalidate Proposition 8 (h/t Good As You). My favorite part? “…the governor and the attorney general by themselves can overturn a properly enacted state constitutional amendment simply by refusing to defend it.” Er, if that were true, you wouldn’t have needed to send in the incompetent Cooper to put on a travesty of a performance. Prop 8 would already be history.

King named House homeland security chairman. And he’s ready to CHARGE into action! Examine “radical” Muslims! (Perhaps he could outsource TSA for this job?) Examine those dastardly Gitmo civilian trials! No hints of working on, you know, actual issues that would really translate into “homeland security.”

Senate Republicans: The Health of 9/11 Responders Ain’t Worth the Price. The dead are much easier to eulogize and use for political purpose.

But if the Manhattan Declaration’s positions are offensive, then so are those of mainstream Christianity for the past 2,000 years. Yes? And?

Sally Ann bans Harry Potter and Twilight toys (h/t JMG). This is the best case yet I’ve seen for using the Riddikulus spell. By the way, I haven’t donated to the Salvation Army since I was in college & was hammered by their anti-gay, strident religious character. I’ve always sent my used goods and other items to Goodwill, which among other things trains up disadvantaged & disabled youth & adults for jobs.

The winner: Christine O’Donnell: “Tragedy comes in threes,” O’Donnell said. “Pearl Harbor, Elizabeth Edwards’s passing and Barack Obama’s announcement of extending the tax cuts, which is good, but also extending the unemployment benefits.”

“Drink the Spit” (Abstinence-Only Lesson #1). There’s nothing I can possibly say to this. It’s been making the rounds the past week or so.


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