going ALL OUT

The audio track is music (I like it, but I don’t know what it is) — everything else is said with written signs:

From their site:

In 2011 and beyond All Out will be rolling out a variety of creative campaigns and interventions to push the cultural needle towards greater LGBT equality and self-determination, as well as hard-hitting campaigns that will challenge human rights abuses against LGBT communities and individuals around the world. The more support we can build up now, the more wind we’ll have behind our sails when All Out starts running campaigns in 2011.

76 countries make it a crime to be gay or transgender, and in 10, you can still be sentenced to death or life in prison. In many others—including the United States—the ability to work, raise a family and love who you choose free from the threat of violence or state sanctioned discrimination is still a distant reality. History is slowly moving in the direction of greater equality. Let’s work together to push that change forward, faster.

AllOut was just interviewed by NY Times: Campaign Encourages People to Go ‘All Out’ and Huffington Post: ‘All Out’ LGBT Rights Campaign Launches With Globe-Trotting Video.

Their goal is to change culture and policy so that LGBT people everywhere can live their lives in dignity. As the video clip points out: 76 countries around the world treat being LGBT as a crime, and in 10, it is grounds for life imprisonment or execution. By connecting activists around the world, they hope to raise enough money to start addressing these issues. LGBT rights is one of the least-funded efforts around the world. In the United States, there’s an estimated $250 million — and only about $20 million is available outside the US and Europe. An initiative like All Out, which encourages many individuals to give small donations on a regular basis internationally, could make a huge difference.

I’ll be keeping my eye on this one!

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