we’ll see very soon, won’t we?

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting POV posted up at Obama: President; McConnell: Sucker. I grant you it’s a good take on what’s possibly going on (without the benefit of several-years-down-the-road hindsight, of course) — but if, as he says:

Now for the short-term benefits of resolving this tax-and-spend dilemma so swiftly. The president urgently needs to get the new START and DADT through the Senate. DADT would be a major boost for his base – and the country’s military. Getting START through is critical to his foreign policy cred. If he can pull all this off by Christmas – and the Senate should indeed stay open for an extra week – the last Congress will indeed be viewed by historians as one of the most substantive (and liberal) in recent history.

then we’ll find out pretty soon with DADT, won’t we?

Call Your Senators Now!

RT @EvanGlassCNN: Harry Reid will postpone tonight’s vote on #DADT repeal; negotiations w wavering Republicans continue.

Dammit: DADT negotiations collapse. Susan Collins won’t vote for Defense bill tonight

Huh. Is That Your Final Answer?

Sen. Susan Collins lays out what she needs to allow DADT repeal to come to a vote. On its face, her demands can probably be met by Harry Reid without too much sweat. That’s probably why Reid has now put off tonight’s vote.[…] Collins has finally made her demands concrete and public. And they are not outrageous. At one point she wanted or was said to want two weeks of debate. Now she’s asking for a manageable 4 days.[…] This much is clear: the day started with DADT repeal looking completely dead and ends with a very plausible way forward to 60 votes in the Senate in this lame duck session. Not a done deal yet, but prospects for repeal are a whole lot better than they were 12 hours ago.

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