school and police bullying

Bullies Pictures, Images and PhotosInteresting study making the rounds: Criminal-Justice and School Sanctions Against Nonheterosexual Youth: A National Longitudinal Study. The researchers found that LGBT youth were at more risk of police and school sanctions than their heterosexual peers, for the same sorts of offenses. From the summary:

Results Nonheterosexuality consistently predicted a higher risk for sanctions. For example, in multivariate analyses, nonheterosexual adolescents had greater odds of being stopped by the police […]. Similar trends were observed for school expulsion, juvenile arrest and conviction, and adult conviction. Nonheterosexual girls were at particularly high risk.

Conclusions Nonheterosexual youth suffer disproportionate educational and criminal-justice punishments that are not explained by greater engagement in illegal or transgressive behaviors. Understanding and addressing these disparities might reduce school expulsions, arrests, and incarceration and their dire social and health consequences.

The part about gay or bi girls being particularly targeted, I find interesting. My own feeling is that gender policing is at the root of homophobia and misogyny, particularly with respect to enforcing people to abide by “normal” cultural gender roles. The girls in the study are getting hit with both.

Might be a good time to check and see if your local LGBT groups have any outreach programs to the police departments as well as the school boards…

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