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Eve Ensler of the Vagina Monologues: Nothing Short of a Sexual Revolution

Frankly, nothing short of a worldwide sexual revolution will stop the spread of AIDS. We need to dissemble the shame, reclaim pleasure, celebrate desire, human connection, skin and touch. We need to release the shackles of oppression, one-way enjoyment and narrow-minded education. We need open and fearless discussion allowing sex to be what it is — natural and beautiful.

While we’re at it: Breaking Through the Silence: HIV and the Deaf

Because of communication barriers, lack of education, ignorance and fear, deaf people around the world are overlooked by HIV services. UNAIDS and the US State Department are taking a first step at addressing this gap by getting policymakers to think about how to make HIV strategic plans, programs and services inclusive to people with all types of disabilities.

More constructive “fallout” from the It Gets Better Project: WATCH: State Sen. Wendy Davis says Joel Burns’ ‘It Gets Better’ speech inspired anti-bullying bill.

And this is pretty cool: people are organizing get togethers where everyone present can put together an IGBP video. I suspect this lets those who might not otherwise have the technology or the skills to put a video together to do so & reach out as well: Orleanians have a message for gay young people in distress: It gets better.

Linda Hirshman comments on the profound irony: Conservatives swear by the army and the sanctity of marriage. Liberals, not so much. So why are the battle lines so confused over gays in the military?

The last things the people who brought you the 1969 Stonewall uprising had in mind was to try to get into the army or tie themselves to lifelong monogamy. […] Yet gay organizations have put a tremendous amount of their resources into fighting for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and for the right to marry. They aren’t the only ones playing against type. Conservatives are normally out there urging people to fight and to marry. A conservative president launched two wars, and conservatives tried to impeach the adulterous Bill Clinton. When it comes to gays and lesbians wanting to defend their country or provide a stable, loving union, the right wing is suddenly on the other side. […] The fight is hot because gays are seeking equal access to the very social institutions, marriage and the military, that confer social approval. In America, and in most of western culture, the soldier and the householder are models of social virtue.

Which is precisely why the otherwise pro-marriage and pro-military conservative crowd is so against the pursuit of these very respectable institutions. I am very conflicted on this since I think both marriage and military service are symptoms of what is so very wrong in our culture. They are bulwarks that enforce a very circumscribed way of living and I think we are better served by getting rid of them than by being assimilated into them. But the article is worth reading since it neatly outlines this tension.

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