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Finally a court case that may help wind down the excessive use of tasering: Taser Breakthrough.

DADT discharges have been dropping steadily since 2002 and even more dramatically when the Obama administration revised the rules, requiring the additional approval of senior civilian officials in the DoD. Nevertheless, the need is still strongly there for repealing the policy through legislation: ‘Don’t ask’ discharges fall sharply, but for how long?

Krugman discusses why Social Security may be more vulnerable than health care to being tweaked and revised against the interests of those who best benefit from it: even the rich can find health insurance useful on hefty bills; but those above the $250K mark pretty much have their own retirements funded. (Remember, only 1.5% of US taxpayers are at the $260K mark. That’s very few people affecting a policy that benefits so many others. Class And Social Security.

JFK’s niece takes Palin to task for the latter’s wild-eyed endorsement of openly religiously motivated politicians. RTWT: Sarah Palin is wrong about John F. Kennedy, religion and politics.

John F. Kennedy knew that tearing down the wall separating church and state would tempt us toward self-righteousness and contempt for others. That is one reason he delivered his Houston speech.

Going back to Wikileaks, here’s something interesting: Julian Assange answers your questions. Unfortunately, I think Assange dodges the most interesting question thrown at him with a request to edit it down to “the singular question” before he’ll answer it. No. It was a good question (and I actually thought of a couple of answers) and he should have addressed it.

Not quite sure what they’d hope to accomplish with this: State Dept. warning prospective recruits to steer clear of Wikileaks.

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