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Another one for “making it better” — Peace Prom makes safety stylish. A safe space is created for LGBT teenagers and allies to have their prom. Held in a church, even.

Looks to me like more pressure is being applied somewhere: PayPal Announces It Will No Longer Handle Wikileaks Donations. It is not illegal to disseminate leaked information (leaking the content itself can be; publishing it is not: Wikileaks Has Committed No Crime).

Oh my goodness… from @ebertchicago: The Leslie Nielsen Random Quote Generator.

About those death panels… in Arizona, at the behest of the Republican controlled state government: Arizona Strikes Again. Transplant patients have been cut off Medicaid funding as “a cost cutting measure.”

I offer without further comment (h/t Joe. My. God.):

(my apologies: it isn’t captioned, though auto caption is available it’s not very clear. I think the content is pretty straightforward though. C’mon ABC, caption your video clips!)

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