more jabs at TSA theater

Touch-a Touch Me, TSA Security (Rocky Horror Parody) by the kinseysicks. *dies laughing* *breaths* *flails around some more* *finally subsides in corner gasping for breath with dog licking at face in puzzlement*

A different perspective: “Miss TSA” calendar reminds us just how unsexy some “sexy” poses are.

I really hope no one decides to smuggle stuff on with a hollowed out tampon… Don’t Be an Ass About Airport Security.

CNN Reporter Drew Griffin Placed on TSA Terrorist Watch List, apparently after doing a series of investigative reports on the TSA earlier this year.

Surprise, surprise… people are apparently complaining to the ACLU rather than the TSA: ACLU Continues To Receive Complaints About New Airport Screening Procedures.

You’d think they had something to hide! Want To Photograph Your TSA Ordeal? Not So Fast.

Oh. My. God. (this just turned into a *facepalm* post): World much stupider than returning soldier remembered [TSA].

Just a quick civics lesson review: U.S. Constitution – Amendment 14.

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