how cool is this???

So a week or two ago I signed up with which is a free service that intercepts your voice mails, transcribes them, and emails them to you. You can still retrieve them from your voicemail as usual, but you can opt to get a copy in the email or even have it texted to your cellphone.

I don’t get many voice calls, of course, but my mom (! she should know better πŸ™‚ ) left a message on my phone this morning and it emailed me the transcript

Hi BEG it’s mom want to know if you’re gonna be able to come for lunch or later today um we’re gonna. Have lunch around uh 1130 noon so it’s kinda getting close here. But i’ll check the email again and see if you got my message hope things are going well. Love you bye.


I can take control of my own voicemail instead of just deleting them! Now I just need to find someone to help me set up the customized greeting messages. This is fun!

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One Response to how cool is this???

  1. Mr. Sandman says:

    Now *that* sounds useful! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. πŸ™‚