cspan gets a facelift!


For quite some time, CSPAN1 and CSPAN2 have offered live streaming of the televised portions of congressional activity. They’re captioned on TV, but of course on the Internet not so much. So in following political stuff, I’ve had to scramble around for transcripts and such since my job precludes me from watching on a real TV (besides, you still can’t go back and reference this stuff as easily this way anyway).

But the online CSPAN has been busily reorganizing their archives and now it’s very easy to find things, including transcripts for all their segments!

As an example here (well the Peru bill isn’t of general interest, I admit) take a look: UNITED STATES PERU TRADE PROMOTION AGREEMENT IMPLEMENTATION ACT. Video clips on the right, transcript on the left. Plus look at the calendar in the upper left corner, you can go back and find discussions on specific days. You can search by bill or by who spoke.


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