aikido techniques

For all those of you who wonder about the crazy sorts of things I talk about here…(note that spelling variations occur b/c Europe uses a different romanji mapping).

ai hanmi katatetori ikkyo omote
ai hanmi katatetori ikkyo ura

ai hanmi katatetori shihonage omote
ai hanmi katatetori shihonage ura

ai hanmi katatetori irimi nage ura The ukemi is a little showy here, especially that flip at the end…we don’t do it quite like that all the time. This one gives you an idea of the variations possible off irimi nage (and more realistic ukemi — see how the guy gets a little winded at all the work? This particular technique will really exhaust you as uke cos you’re all over the mat…

Oh, hey, here’s ai hanmi katatetori sumiotoshi

Here’s kotegaeshi omote and ura. The first two are ai hanmi katatetori, the next two gyakyu hanmi katatetori, then the next two are katatori (notice how he deflects this a bit so it never grabs the shoulder — it’s subtle, makes it look like another set of gyakyu katatetori but it’s not), followed by two shomenuchi, two yokomenuchi, two chudantsuki, finished with two jodantsuki. This omote style is a bit different from ours but not terribly so. This is a nice clip because it illustrates how you can do the same thing (kotegaeshi) off different attacks.

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