the consequences of bird watching

And mind you I am just an informal backyard watcher, and espier while doing my normal activities. I certainly don’t go travelling around to find specific ones.

But you know, birds are kind of fun to watch. So I put up a bird feeder right outside my bedroom window so I can really be lazy about watching them.

And then I google up the different birds I see, trying to ID them. Generally I can figure it out pretty quickly; I’m not trying to find really rare birds, so I can sift through lists of common birds.

But you know, some of them mention oh hey there’s bunches more of birds that don’t eat seeds. If you want to see some of those, a bird bath is really good (plus all the great bennies birds get from clean baths in a nice birdbath rather than an oily puddle in the street.

OK, cool, so I find a bird bath and put it out, and within a day they’re using it (took two or three weeks to find the bird feeder, but I suppose since the bath’s nearby that helps nowt hat there’s a conglomerate of birds.

Oh, and I notice some humming birds hovering around. Well, can’t leave them out, so I put out a humming bird feeder (though I think I have to try another kind, this one’s dripping and showing no signs of stopping (sigh).

Oh well then, and I have to sweep off the porch regularly now that they’re scattering seed all over.

And gee, that window needs to be kept clean so I have a chance to even see the birds at the feeder…

And maybe I should find a nice little book about birds, or hey, THIS bird bath looks really cool…

I’m telling you, this whole thing is one slippery slope.

Also, what IS that bird that looks like maybe a house finch or a european sparrow, but leaner and with a black splotchy throat, and light gray breast? Driving me nuts, I can’t seem to find it…

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