wiki madness

So I was bopping around googling up labrys, just to see what kind of designs were out there, and I stumbled across the Wiki entry. This is a perfect example of why to take what you find on the internet, including wikipedia, with a grain of salt…

Lesbos is a Greek island where women decided to withhold sexual interaction with their husbands until the men would stop the incessant warfare that plagued the culture during the times of Classical Greece. The women believed that if no children were born, there could be no new warriors drawn into the carnage and it would cease. Somehow, without understanding of its history, the term has begun to be applied to contemporary women who are homosexual and sometimes the association of the labrys is used to signify lesbianism, although it has symbolized the generative, earth goddess for thousands of years.

Where to start?! First of all, the term Lesbian is used primarily because of Sappho, who was a poet who lived on Lesbos and was bisexual (well, all ancient Greeks were bisexual… but she’s the only female voice we have). The stuff about the withholding sex is actually from the play Lysistrata, a comedic play written in Athens and set in Athens and written about 300 years after Sappho.

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