On bemoaning caffeine deprivation on a long and slow Friday afternoon…

(2:42:28 PM) cow-orker: I actually have $2 on me!
(2:42:31 PM) beg65: WOW
(2:42:34 PM) beg65: it’s a fortune!
(2:42:40 PM) beg65: shoudl be able to scrounge up something
(2:42:45 PM) beg65: what shall it be?
(2:42:51 PM) beg65: oh, your disgusting pepsi, i guess 😀
(2:42:58 PM) cow-orker: brb… there’s a coke machine on the ground floor isn’t there?
(2:43:07 PM) beg65: you know, as long as you (yup) drink that stuff
(2:43:14 PM) beg65: you have no call to twit me on my methods of tea prep 🙂
(2:43:22 PM) cow-orker: yes I do!
(2:43:27 PM) cow-orker: bah!
(2:43:35 PM) beg65: pepsi is undrinkable slop!
(2:43:44 PM) beg65: go forth!
(2:43:53 PM) beg65: acquire your brew of unholy chemicals!

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