greedy little gits

I put up a bird feeder oh about three weeks ago maybe. They didn’t discover it till sometime yesterday, and now the greedy little gits are scarfing the stuff down! Unfortunately, all I’ve seen are European sparrows, but hopefully something more interesting will show up. I don’t know if it’s too small for scrub jays: I know I have a nesting pair nearby but the feeder’s a little lightweight and swings around easily.

I’ve been working on the plants along the porch…putting up automatic watering (well, improving what I had there), and I have a full array of hanging pots now, and am filling out below with more potted plants. Plus the planter beds along the porch are more or less filled in, I have an eclectic approach of spotting plants that catch my fancy and putting htem in to see how they do. And slowly, I’m fixing things up, like I finally took out the rocks around the treestumps in the front yard, and I’ll look into getting rid of the stumps. I want to do something with the fence, there’s two trees (dead) to take out, other trees I want to plant in their place and so on. It’s fun. It’s really nice to see how it looks, too…

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